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Rent a motorboat in Croatia

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Hurricane RIB 520
5 persons - 5,20 x 2,10 m - 60 / 80 HP

Hurricane RIB 430
4 persons - 4,30 x 2,00 m - 50 HP

5-seater and 10-seater

Our motorboats

Hurricane 600 de luxe
6 persons - 6,00 x 2,30 m - 100 / 115 HP


The benefits of renting a motorboat at Hurricane24:

  • English-speaking staff members
  • no waisted time waiting at the harbour
  • no Croatian registration fees
  • no cleaning after usage
  • low fuel consumption thanks to modern engine technology (Honda, Yamaha)

Look at our conditions of rental and our current price list:

Conditions of rental Price list

To navigate boats from 0,1 kWh, a boat leader’s licence is necessary in Croatia.

You don’t have the appropriate licence for driving a motorboat?

As a special service for our clients, we are offering to pass the theoretical and practical tests to obtain a motorboat licence here in Croatia.

Soon, we will provide more information regarding our services on this site:

Services motorboats